A. Vivaldi, G. F. Händel, A. Lotti, Anonym: Facetum musicum (1736)

/A. Vivaldi, G. F. Händel, A. Lotti, Anonym: Facetum musicum (1736)
A. Vivaldi, G. F. Händel, A. Lotti, Anonym: Facetum musicum (1736)2016-07-17T05:46:53+00:00

Carnival Baroque opera

The Latin carnival opera Facetum musicum dated 1738 has been preserved in the Cistercian monastery in Osek in North Bohemia. An unknown author wrote an antique anecdote about the philosopher Diogenes, seeking people of common sense with a lantern in broad daylight, on the occasion of a carnival festivity. Diogenes meets only pleasure-seekers, supported by an allegorical figure of Liberty. Liberty has asked the four Epicureans to wear masks so that their identity can be hidden and the revelry completely unrestrained. In the end, Diogenes is banished and returns to the seclusion of his barrel. The anonymous author compiled the opera as a pastiche of arias and choirs introduced in Venice in the early 18th century, wrote a new libretto, and connected the parts with recitatives. In this way, a new opera in the style of today’s “the best of” selections was created. Every aria is a hit. Some of the original operas have been identified. The unknown compiler exhibited very good taste and judgement, as these are works by famous composers: G. F. Händel, A. Vivaldi and A. Lotti.

Diogenes – Jaromír Nosek – bass
Libertas (Liberty) – Markéta Israel Večeřová – soprano
Epicureus Primus (Music) – Lucie Rozsnyó – soprano
Epicureus Secundus (Gluttony) – Jan Mikušek – countertenor
Epicureus Tertius (Gambler) – Rostislav Baláž – tenor
Epicureus Quartus (Drunkard) – Daniel Klánský – bass
Musical arrangement and direction: Tomáš Hanzlík
Stage and costume design: Vendula Johnová, Tomáš Hanzlík

19 August Baroque Summer Stage Chrudim

Foto: © Milada Hronová