František Antonín Míča: Operosa terni Colossi Moles (1735)

/František Antonín Míča: Operosa terni Colossi Moles (1735)
František Antonín Míča: Operosa terni Colossi Moles (1735)2017-02-16T12:49:10+00:00

Baroque opera

The score of the Latin serenade celebrating the name of Count Johann Adam Questenberg (1678-1752) is stored in the archives of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna. In terms of scope and quality, it is the best preserved opera by the Jaroměřice Count’s butler and Kapellmeister, František Antonín Míča (1696 – 1744). The theme of the libretto, written by the chaplain of the parish church Jakub Želivský, is nothing less than the celebration of the Count’s name day, which was held in Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou in late December 1735. The work has not been performed since. In consonance with the title of the work, “Strenuous Construction of Three Colossi”, three pyramids representing the three countries in which Questenberg had his estates are erected in the first act. In the second act, the stage turns into the sea, and high-spirited sirens celebrate the name of ADAM with their sweet singing. Míča was responsible for arranging the operas by excellent Italian composers for Questenberg, and Operosa shows the best opera could offer at that time. It is also proof that the tenor Míča himself as well as his Jaroměřice team were all excellent singers. A coloratura aria is one of the most difficult things found in contemporary scores. The singing is accompanied by a string orchestra, two clarions, timpani, and one woodwind instrument. In accordance with the joyful music composed for a joyous occasion, the modern production is also a hilarious comedy full of bizarre disguises, and ending in fireworks.

Trigoniana (the Roman founder of colossi) – Kristýna Vylíčilová – soprano
Aganippaea (the Goddess of Springs) – Lucie Rozsnyó – soprano
Geodesius (Genius of Austria) – Stefan Kunath – countertenor
Policardus (Genius of Moravia) – Lukáš Hacek – tenor
Eudoxus (Genius of Bohemia) – Jaromír Nosek – bass
Musical arrangement and direction: Tomáš Hanzlík
Stage and costume design: Vendula Johnová, Tomáš Hanzlík

Foto: © Milada Hronová