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Ticket enquiries: Kateřina Hiklová | | tel. 731 759 700

Ticket sale for each evening programme ends at 12noon on the day in question!
6PM – Tickets sold at the venue
6.30PM – Welcome drink, offering a collection of fine wines/soft drinks
7PM – Beginning of the programme

8. – 11. 7.

Antonio Vivaldi: La Gloria e Himeneo, RV 687 (Venice 1725)

A baroque serenata The serenata written for the French ambassador in Venice upon the occasion of the wedding of Louis XV to the Polish Princess Marie Leszczynska. According to legend, Hymen was a poor young man from Athens, who fell in love with a very rich girl. He wanted to see her and to be close to her. Disguised as a girl, he approached her at the feast of Demetrius, but he was kidnapped by pirates along with the rest of girls and taken to a distant island. Hymen slaughtered the evildoers with a sword and returned to Athens, where he arranged to return the kidnapped daughters to their parents, provided he could take his love as his wife. He and his wife were subsequently so happy that their joy was sung about in all wedding songs.


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12. – 15. 7.

Claudio Monteverdi, Vít Zouhar, Tomáš Hanzlík: L´Arianna (Mantua 1608)

The world premiere of the free reconstruction of a baroque opera Only the libretto and the famous lament of the abandoned title character have been preserved from Monteverdi’s Ariadne. The free reconstruction has led to the creation of a new theatrical work which surrounds the rare preserved musical fragment and illuminates it with new visual musical relationships. The original libretto is a guide to the telling of the story of a woman who overcomes all obstacles because of love, humbles herself and is subsequently abandoned by her lover on a seemingly deserted island. At the moment of her greatest personal crisis, as she bids farewell to life, she meets the god of wine who takes her as his wife. The opera has been reconstructed on the basis of period sources scattered among archives throughout Europe.


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16. – 19. 7.

Antonio Caldara: L´Amor non ha legge (Jaroměřice na Rokytnou 1728)

The modern world premiere of a baroque opera The favola pastorale by the imperial deputy Kapellmeister Antonio Caldara provides interesting evidence of the permeation of the life of the Moravian aristocrat and patriot Johann Adam von Questenberg into the artistic work of this leading Italian baroque composer. Questenberg initiated and financed the creation of the work, but he also cooperated intensively on the story with the librettist Giovanni Antonio Bonlini. The allegorical work on the intrigues of lovers had its premiere at his chateau in the autumn of 1728. The opera has been uniquely preserved in its handwritten score at the Archiv der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna.


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20. – 21. 7.

Tomáš Hanzlík: Endymio (Kroměříž 1727, 2001)

A neo-baroque Latin opera The ancient myth of the comely young man Endymion, whom everybody falls fatally in love with, has been a theme throughout all the epochs due to its allegorical parable of undying love. A Latin opera of this name was performed at the court of Cardinal Wolfgang Schrattenbach, the Bishop of Olomouc, in Kroměříž on 12th September 1727. The libretto and music were written by the regent at the local Piarist music seminary, P. David Kopecký (1696–1758). Those parts of the music, which have not been preserved, have been recreated in the style of neo-baroque minimalism, often with the use of fragments of Piarist compositions stored in the Kroměříž archive.


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22. 7.

Jean-Baptiste Moliere, Jean-Baptiste Lully: Beauty follows wonder (Tuilerie 1671)

A tragicomedy and puppet ballet with song The Psyche tragic ballet became the model for the creation of a free Czech version for the Geisslers Hofcomoedianten theatre company. The classical myth of a beautiful earthling and her lovers, but mainly her dangerous female rivals, is a tribute to a unique French theatrical form which combines drama, ballet and opera into a unique cabaret. The plot is based on a novella nested in the novel the Golden Ass by the ancient writer Lucius Apuleius. In the main roles: love, jealousy, curiosity and envy.

ATTENTION! The performance takes place in the Šantovka Theater (Šantovka Shopping Gallery)


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23. – 26. 7.

František Antonín Míča: Belleza e Decoro (1729), Nel giorno natalizio (Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou 1732)

The modern premiere of two baroque serenades The modern premiere of two short serenades written to celebrate the name day of Countess Marie Antonia (Beauty and Dignity) and the birthday of Count Adam Questenberg (On your Birthday). The works will be performed according to the handwritten scores stored in Berlin and Vienna. Allegorical characters, nymphs and shepherds compete in paying tribute and performing increasingly flowery odes at an evening ordered and directed by educated and rich aristocrats.


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27. – 29. 7.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Apollo et Hyacinthus K.s. 38 (Salzburg 1767)

A three-act Latin intermezzo One of the first dramatic works composed by the eleven-year-old Mozart already displays all the signs of his genius in its diminutive rococo form. The Latin school intermezzo paraphrases the ancient myth of the love of the god Apollo for the Spartan king’s son, the beautiful Hyacinthus. The jealous god of the wind Zephyrus causes a discus thrown by Apollo during the games to kill the boy. Apollo preserves Hyacinthus for eternity by transforming him into the fragrant flower of the same name. The libretto for the work was written by a professor at the Benedictine Academy in Salzburg, Father Rufinus Widl, as an intermezzo for a school performance of Clementia Croesi. All the students aged 9-18 sang the demanding coloratura aria during the premier in the large auditorium at Salzburg University.


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